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User Groups: Green Party


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Oct 3, 2005
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Just an idea, the Green Part isn't one of the user groups but is fairly common (considered a "third party") and has a unique set of political values which some might identify with.
Wip up some rank icons and I will be glad to add it for yah. :mrgreen:

Unsure what the image would be. :confused:
vauge said:
Unsure what the image would be. :confused:

perhaps the flower in the US green party logo?

The logo is a good idea. I'm not sure how to make the back ground transparent, and I'm not quite sure how small it should be.
Looks good. When I get home and have a few minutes - will create the new ranks with this image add the new usergroup. :cool:
-Demosthenes-, looks good on yah. :)

Feel free to change it back, needed a guinea pig to test out the look. :mrgreen:
I like it. Wonderful job, I think I'll keep it a while.

vauge said:
:rofl :rofl - I love that smilie
So do I...

That butt is a lovely shade of redd.....:cool:
Feel free to bring this to the basement. This thread is about the green party.

Sorry, quiting smoking today - on the edge.

:moody :blastem:
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