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Uh.... hi?

Aug 9, 2005
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Hello. I'm here to argue with you all... I'm relatively inexperienced compared to many of you who probably may or may not have much practice in arguing politics, but am here to argue with a fairly open mind, and hopefully to get my points acrossed.

I'm not of any specific political party, and don't believe I come close enough to any of them to say I'm mostly one, however there are many that I am definitely not.

I'd suppose you might call me conservative somewhat, because I'm strongly against gun control... Generally supportive of U.S. actions in the middle east. and I think that our current president is better than our last one, and better than the Democrat alternative this election, but I don't like everything he has done.

There are pleanty of things I strongly disagree with with the Republicans and conservatives though. Not liberal enough to be Liberatarian, not conservative enough to be Republican.

Religiously, I'm somewhere between Athiestical and Agnostic. I don't believe in anything, thus I'd call myself athiestical, however, everything is possible, but the odds of most things being true is so low that they may as well not be considered IMPO. As far as science, I will trust the most modern, accepted, and scientifically backed theories... until new better ones that correctly explain the universe better appear.

Look forward to having fiery discussions.

Welcome to Debate Politics!

I look forward to your thoughts on some of these very interesting topics we have open.
Yes, I know what you mean about not really feeling like you fit specifically into one spectrum or the other. This is a major shortcoming of how highschools teach civics. They just tell you about the Democrats and The Reublicans. It's a really naughty way of promoting unity. In fact there are many more party's besides the one's you've mentioned. Here is a link, If you would like to read up on some of the other parties out there. Maybe you'll find one that suits your interests to a T? If not, well maybe you'll be make your own party? Competition is good with a capital G!!


PS - Just don't join the Nazi party, because no one really likes them.
What a timid greeting for a man with a Beretta as an icon.

Anyway, welcome. I'm sure you'll be swayed one way or another, nobody stays on the fence long.

And yes, the Nazi party isn't liked very much. Maybe it's the whole Hitler-wants-to-kill-everyone thing. Go figure.
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