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Topic creep


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May 19, 2004
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Just a silly question about topic creep.

Should we allow it to continue like it is? We are very liberal with topics wondering.

Should disallow and maintain a strict control - moving threads to keep topic on track?
For instance, if the thread starts off talking about Bush and creeps toward cars - should we nudge it back,create another thread about cars, then move the threads about cars to it?

My personal opinion, is that I like topic creep. It somewhat requires folks to read more of the thread before responding, and it allows folks to complete their thoughts. On the other hand, keeping on topic requires more 'debate' rather than discussion.

What is your take?
Just a silly question about topic creep.
It's a valid question. Personally, I don't like it. If I want to debate the Constitution, I don't want my thoughts interrupted by what kind of car you have. Go get your own thread. :shoot
It can get annoying, but at the same time, for those who got interested in the topic creep to have to move to another thread, pick up where they left off, and also respond to the original thread, it's kind of a pain.
I don't mine it. If people want to talk cars or whatever and I don't want to reply or engage I just scan that and move on to the portion of the debate that is relevant.

I’d hate to make rules so strict that we push people away. I mean if people don’t feel comfortable I doubt they’ll stick around.
Anyone else - thoughts?
Personally I don't mind it, I scan over it and move onto the next post. I think I might have been responsible for some creeping myself in the International News - Impeach Tony thread :doh , sorry - shoulda sent a pm to the guy instead.

Like I said I don't mind it.

On another subject matter their is a mouse in my bedroom, lol. topic creeping.
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