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Time Dedicated to DebatePolitics.com

How much time do you spend on DebatePolitics.com on average in a week?

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Mar 9, 2010
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How much time do you spend on DebatePolitics.com on average in a week? Either reading or posting.

And what is your favorite Forum section(s) to follow? Why?

My favorite sections is the Breaking News section. I have learned not only about some interesting stories I otherwise would have missed, but I have also learned about some great sources for news on the web. Thanks to everyone who posts!
I do believe my favorite's are receiving admonitions from a variety of moderators.
I tend to be here whenever I am in class more so when I am in my LSAT class. I also am here when I don't want to be doing my homework. Or if I am drunk/high and in looking for a good laugh I will hunt out certain posters. I definitely do more reading than I do posting though.

Favorite section is Partisan Politics, especially when drunk, because it is just so damn funny.
Can't really pick any particular answer. If its a slow day and I have nothing to do, I'll always have DP open in a tab to check on things and post when I feel its appropriate. If I'm bored on the train home I usually look up DP on my iPhone...
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