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The Anatomy of a Dodging Demokrat SoapBoxer (1 Viewer)

Dude, you can't even spell Democrat correctly.
Abbazorkzog;bt4072 said:
Dude, you can't even spell Democrat correctly.

To start: You have no assistance to offer CC and his endless dodging? OK.

"Demokrat"... That's your point of contention? Here... get up to speed:


PS. Every time a Leftist reveals their annoyance at the spelling, it only reinforces its effectiveness.

And I thank you.

PS. Did you have anything to add to the substance of the post? Any help for CC in responding to the enumerated points?

I've started breaking them down one-by-one in Baby Steps, so he isn;t so overwhelmed. It's like teaching a child to clean their messy room...

...hey, you think you can put the toys away there... bing,bing,bing...done... you think you can put your toys away there... bing, bing,bing... done... and on it goes... until... LOOK!!! You cleaned your room!!! And Junior says (kid's voice) I cleaned my room!!!

I'm now attacking my rebuttal TOGETHER with CC in this kid's "room cleaning" manner... step-by-step... in the original thread... just don't tell him. ;)
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Komrade, why is your blog empty? Kould be one of your more lucid posts...
Redress;bt4078 said:
Komrade! Welkome bakk! Your links did not answer the question I asked. Why is that?

If you were interested in the brunt of the post, those lin*s provided you the info you seemed eager to consume.

If you would like further info, I thin* you know where to as*. :)

Good try though.

Be well.


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