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Suspect killed as RCMP counter alleged terror plot (1 Viewer)


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Jul 14, 2012
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From the Globe and Mail this morning:
A terror suspect was boarding a taxi headed for a shopping mall in nearby London when he was intercepted by police on Wednesday and shot dead as tactical officers, squad cars and snipers descended on a quiet row of red brick houses in this small Southern Ontario town.

The owner of the taxi company, whose driver suffered minor injuries, told the Globe and Mail that the suspect had asked to be taken to Citi Plaza, a mall in downtown London, 40 minutes away.

The RCMP has not said what the target of the alleged plot was. Citi Plaza is not the main downtown mall in London but it is also located near the city’s Via train and Greyhound bus terminals. In Toronto, transit agencies have confirmed that they were warned of a security threat just before Wednesday’s police operation.

The lone suspect, 24-year-old Aaron Driver, was known for making social-media posts supporting the Islamic State, using aliases such as Harun Abdurahman. The estranged son of a Canadian Forces corporal, he had converted to Islam in 2008 and came to believe that targeting soldiers and police was legitimate “for what they’re doing to Muslims.”

It seems a wannabe suicide bomber has been shot and killed. Thankfully authorities were quick to act and only the suspect is dead. I think this is the first case of a Muslim convert being radicalized by ISIS to commit terrorism. He was very well known to authroities before this and had the following conditions on a peace-bond:
The peace-bond conditions that he agreed to in February included living with his sister in Strathroy, Ont., as well as not possessing firearms or explosives, not possessing cellphones or computers, staying off social media and not possessing anything bearing the symbols of the Islamic State group.
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Whew. Thank the stars they killed the bastard before he could kill anyone else.

The Canadian cops kill someone and it's all good news but if a US cop kills someone it's a conspiracy.

The Canadian cops kill someone and it's all good news but if a US cop kills someone it's a conspiracy.

Actually recently we had a cop sentenced to prison for wrongfully killing someone, that was a controversy for awhile. We suffer the same issue but to a much lesser degree. Also it helps he was a known ISIS sympathizer, I do not think anyone can object to that.

The Canadian cops kill someone and it's all good news but if a US cop kills someone it's a conspiracy.

And it's our fault that we were attacked.

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