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  • Hey apdst, don't agree with most of your posts but that's beside the point. What I'm wondering is how did you come up with your location? From a quick search of google it seems bagdad was a total of six houses on one road. Pretty impressive for you to pull that one out of wherever. I've also noticed from your posts you are a very intelligent person. Peace from a liberal to you. I do find your avatar to be racist by the way.
    Đại lý xe đẩy hàng chuyên bán phân phối các loại xe đẩy hàng từ xe đẩy hàng 2 bánh cho đến xe đẩy hàng 4 bánh các loại trong nước sản xuất như xe đẩy hàng Phong Thạnh cho đến xe nhập khẩu như xe đẩy hàng Prestar của Nhật, Sumo của thái lan, Advindeq của trung quốc chất lượng bảo hành 1 năm
    In reference to my reply to you.
    If you do, keep in mind I am a disabled Vet with a limited income.
    And please delete after reading.
    Thank you for joining The Quorum. It's been highly successful on PF.
    We can be strong together and with the silly season in full swing, we need that strength. Watch the meltdowns and tirades from the left...I'm already seeing it.
    Thanks for liking my recent post to Haymarket. I couldn't resist, since he loves to say that to me. :)
    Thanks my friend and I am also good mentally, I loved being out there fighting, I know it sounds crazy but it's just one thing I will miss and being with all my brothers.

    Take care brother.

    Hey brother, I am back in the States and I came back not quite intact like you wanted since I was wounded in the leg but is nothing serious. Will be getting out in March and that will be all for me.
    Thought I let you know and will be seeing you around.
    Thanks brother :) I sometimes have to put my two cents for what is worth :)
    Have a GREAT evening my dear friend!
    All those thanks from you tonight...you know you just single handedly ruined my liberal cred.
    When you're right, you're right, bro. And, you're right about 99% of the time. :)
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