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Star Trek IV

Wrath of Khan was the best.
American;bt1160 said:
Wrath of Khan was the best.

That depends on what you mean by "best."

Yes, "Wrath" is highly regarded, especially by Trekkies. However, "Voyage" is the most accessible of all the Star Trek movies, either TOS or TNG. After all, it is set in contemporary times and the biggest conflict of the movie is trying to get whales from the past to the future. That means even non-Trekkies can understand and enjoy it. Which is what makes it genius filmmaking, even more so than "Wrath" is.
Wrath of Kahn will always be my favorite Star Trek movie because it taught me a lesson I've never forgotten and one that I've used throughout my life...especially when playing MMO's.

That lesson is: Think in three dimensions.

That was how Kirk defeated Kahn and that is how I've defeated many people in the various games I've played.
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