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Small Kids Do Not Need a Social Network Site

I was reading an article about how Disney has bought a social network site that will be for small children ages 6-10 years old. There is something really wrong with this in my mind. I mean what in the hell do small kids this age have to talk about to each other? What happened on Blues Clues this morning or how many crayons they broke today? :roll:

Children this age should be outside playing and using their imagination not sitting in front of a comptuter talking babble to their little non-real friends on the internets.

Children already are forced to grow up way too soon do we really need being involved in an interwebz social kiddie network into the mix? I think not:(


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Aug 1, 2009
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When my children were growing up they were made to go outside and find something constructive to do. They weren't always able to hang with their friends so they had to come up with ideas to while away their time. Sometimes they would grab a fishing pole and head down to the fishin' hole. Other times, they'd be off riding around the neighborhood on their bikes. I don't believe it's healthy to let a child sit in front of some video game beating the crapola or shootin' the heck out of some character. Kids need fresh air, sunlight, and a somewhat feeling of freedom that playing outside gives you. Their minds were not meant to sit in front of a boob tube watching some slasher flick when mom and dad aren't paying attention, or flicks filled with ignorant characters running around doing the dumbest of stunts and raising heck. Sending them out the door to go sit under a tree with a good book is a healthy way for a young mind to survive the rigors of youth. And interacting with other children whenever possible, is one way of creating a child that will be able to interact with people as they enter the adult world.
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