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Shades of Grey (1 Viewer)

Papa's little girl
bouncin' on his knee
growing up does everything right
How can this now be?

How can she do this?
the one thing that he will debate
the one thing in his life
that he won't tolerate.

Papa's little girl went off
and did the one thing that he can't stand
This little girl grew up and then
fell in love with a black man.

This love is so right
for you and me
two hearts together
why can't papa see?

Life just isn't black and white
There are so many in betweens
you see two lovers, arm in arm
but is it as it seems?

It just doesn't matter
the color of our skin
all that really matters
is the love that lies within

All the b.s. that goes on
is such a big disgrace
I really could care less
about the color of your face.

I care about how you make me feel
If our love is never neglected
I care about how I am treated
and if I'm loved and I'm respected.

You and me baby, together forever
our love is here to stay
We will walk, hand in hand
In deeper shades of grey.

I wish I could show him
take him by the hand
I wish I could make him see
and that he'd understand.

But, even if he never learns.
and my heart again has to be blue
That's ok because, my love
I have you to hold so true.

Because life just isn't black and white
We go through life and pray
That we will always have each other
and we will make our own shades of grey...

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