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  • Pinkie, Had a fantastic Thanksgiving and hope you did too! First one in quite a while when we had all of our children home, along with the grand-babies. It was a houseful but a blast! Haven't been around much lately, been really busy. I check in and peek around every now and then, but haven't posted in ages.
    Woman, WTH are ya? I don't think I have seen your witty self in months!

    Didja have a great Thanksgiving?

    Whenever I get the blahs, I hit the art, music, books and movies I love. Just a thought.....glad you liked it!

    I hope everything has settled down. And you get relief from the hurried season of this treasured holiday. Have a happy and festive Christmas and a safe and prosperous New year.
    It could even be about the election it doesnt have to be poetry.-It could be about being, overwhelmed with the steps taken thru life and a role seldom thanked, and an existence thats weighty with an unimagianable burden and the," rush of daily nothingness "and your need to find a," place of escape", where you can be in control and," paint with words" the things you feel around you when your there.
    Ok thank you- thats a good first couple of blog posts. More please -if you feel the need or just help us to see what you feel. doesnt matter what it is as long as you do it out loud for us to see. Thanks BamaBrat.
    may take me awhile as I dont think I have them on the computer anymore, so I will have to type them. But I will see what I can come up with.
    OK post them in your blog page like I am doing. I want to see them.
    Thanks talk later.
    sorry about that. House full of kids and cleaning up after them takes up most of my time. Not in here for very long stretches at a time. Haven't written anything new in a month or so, but I have tons and tons of them I've written over the years.
    Doing alright. Been kind of busy and haven't been in here as much as I used to be lately. How are you?
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