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According to a peer reviewed publication, Scientific American, islands are beginning to sink beneath the oceans, and the direct cause is global warming.

Scientific American podcast is here, and there is an excellent article on the rise of the oceans on the coast of India, which is now placing millions of people at risk.

So what else is there in Scientific American this month?

Scientists have quantified the danger to public health caused by climate change.

Scientists are looking at the record amount of catastrophes around the world during the last few years, especially the flood events, and although they don't yet want to link specific events such as Hurricane Katrina to global warming, they say that the growing body of evidence for floods, hurricanes, downpours, and other events throughout the world shows that global warming is driving it.

Scientific American discusses the new report by NOAA (you know, yet another group of scientists) that carbon dioxide produced this century could drive global warming and climate change for thousands of years to come.

So who runs Scientific American? No, it isn't George Soros or Al Gore. Neither is it discredited Australian TV weather forecasters, nor oil company shills, nor political hacks, looking to create scandals that never existed about emails. There is a difference between a peer reviewed magazine, and the National Enquirer or the Daily Mail, Britian's equivalent to the Enquirer. The articles in Scientific American, for the most part, are written by real scientists, who have not been bought and paid for by Democrats, Republicans, or other political interest groups. 'Nuff said.
Funny, the beach looked exactly the same this year as last year.

Is this rise measured in millimeters?
Funny, the beach looked exactly the same this year as last year.

Is this rise measured in millimeters?

Ever consider that you might be seeing the beach at low tide?
Present rate of sea level rise is about 3mm/year, says the latest info. That rate is accelerating as the world warms.
I blame Al Gore for giving the impression that scientists think a 20' change will happen inside of 50 years or something. Al Gore is not a scientist and he poorly represented the science in that statement. (which only barely qualifies as true because he said IF these ice sheets melt the oceans will rise. he didn't mention that the present rate would take like 500 years to do it)

Interesting side note: In addition to melting ice, a lot of the current rise is actually coming from thermal expansion of ocean water. As it warms up, the water takes up slightly more volume. Well, done on a scale of the bajillions of gallons (scientific measurement I swear) of water in the ocean, that's actually a noticeable effect. Science is so cool!
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Funny, the beach looked exactly the same this year as last year.

Is this rise measured in millimeters?

Yes. Also, the rise in sea level is not uniform. Most of the US coast sees a very small rise, or even a lowering of the sea level. Other parts of the world are less fortunate

Source [NOAA (via wikipedia)]

I find nothing wrong with the sea level rising. Im sure the fish enjoy it. THey are reading their news papers saying that their global domination is going as planned. ;)
The sea levels rise and fall according to the natural shift in the climate and weather cycles.

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