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Screename, signature, and avatar

Jan 30, 2005
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In a sort of "getting to know you" thread, I'm curious why different members chose the screename, signature and avatar.

My screename is the same one I use on Liberal Forum, The Jesse Factor forum, and my blog. The blue part is a reference to blue states and the Democratic Party. Hobgoblin is just a reference to a cool Spiderman comic book character and was just a spur of the moment thing.

My signature is a link to my social justice blog and there is also a quote from the great Dr. King which I believe is very true.

My avatar is an image of the Hobgoblin. I found a bunch and it didn't really matter which one I wanted to use. I ended up picking this one since he looks kind of pissed and this is a political forum and the current political situation pisses me off.
Vauge = Can't spell worth a flip. It came from vagrant, I went from game to game in the land of the Internet without a home and met many friends that I no longer communicate with. Vaugerant is now becoming popular, so it was shorttened.

Avatar = I had one of the cops from Reno 911, One of my fav shows, but decided that made the "admin" look like a copper or a guy that is forceful in the law. I do not want to give an indication or even hint at the thought of muting discourse. Then I went to Foghorn and another joker on the forum (hadn't seen him in awhile) took it and members were confusing him with me. Now Fudd is the man. I might go back to Foghorn. :)
*note to self* get more avatars for the members!

Sig = Beatles are one of my fav groups, along with Pink Floyd. "Nothing is going to change my world" is another line in the song from my sig. Words are just that - letters compiled together to form a meaning, they mean nothing without action. A forum is an excellent resource to put your words into action.
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