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Questions People Are Afraid To Ask!


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Oct 5, 2005
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I'm going to start a thread for people who have questions that are normally not appropriate for certain reasons and situations. But let's try to keep it a wee bit clean. I'll go first (and this isn't a debate, it's just for fun).

Does God ever pick his nose?
* Are you pregnant or just a fast ass?

* Is that your breath or did you eat a loaf of cow ****?

* Are you really as god as all the guys say you are?
At the lost and found: Anyone turn any hemorrhoid cream in?

At Kelzies house: Where's the beef?

Jehovah's Witnesses at Billo's door: You got a dead body in there?

sissy-boys mom: Where you been?

sissy-boy: What's the test results doc?
How do you say NO to butt-stuff?
Talking to your boss when he doesn't give you a raise: "Why don't you go outside and play a game of 'Hide-and-go-F**k-Yourself'."
In an Asian restaurant:
So what part of the dog IS this exactly?
In a Bar/restaurant(to server):
So, what are your plans later?

In a hotel(to the maid):
hey, Got a minute?

To your barber(during haircut):
How bout them damn(insert sports team, religion, or political affiliation here)?

To a Mafia Don:
Is your daughter free tonight?
(if yes)
Really, do you think she could shave her moustache before I pick her up?
I remember your face, but "what is your name"??????????? When someone knows you, but you forget their name.
Originally posted by alphieb:
I remember your face, but "what is your name"??????????? When someone knows you, but you forget their name.
That has happened to me more than once. If it is a guy, I just call them "dude". If its a girl, I call her "girl".
If you wake up and your dog is licking your gentalia, Do you stop it?
To an adult book store clerk: do these penis enlargers really work?

To a Muslim convenience store clerk: you're not gonna blow yourself up, are you?

To a Catholic priest: have you every molested any children?

To a communist: what the hell's the matter with you?

and of course...

To a well endowed woman: are those real?
To married couples who don't have children: Was that an intentional decision?

To married couples who have childre: Do you like being a parent? Do you think it has strenghtened or weakened your marriage?

To anyone: Are you happy with where you are in your life?

To a person in their 40's: Do you want to get married?

To a person I think is gay: Are you gay?
Originally posted by galenrox:
At my high school there was one question most people wanted to ask, but few ever did.
Why don't black people just go to class?
They do. Its called, P.E.
OMG, he looks a lot like me?:3oops:
You can't be that stupid, can you? I mean.....you can type...thats gotta mean something.
How many times a day do you lie to yourself?
To another online gamer: Can I have your stuff?
To an old fart: Can I iron out your wrinkles?

To your dentist: Why can't I have my teeth x-rays? What do you do with em', touch yourself at night when you're looking at them?
The Real McCoy said:
To a well endowed woman: are those real?


Now that that's out of my system....yes, they are :lamo
Since I started this thread, I'll make one more rule for it. Stupid questions are now allowed. Being as that the last couple I wrote are pretty stupid, but that's why they're funny. Like Family Guy. That show is so rediculously stupid, that it's funny. In fact, it's my favorite show on tv, which is sad, but oh well.
To a black guy: what if my ancestors enslaved your ancestors?
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