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Police: Clinton Supporter Lights Flag On Fire, Attacks Trump Supporter (1 Viewer)


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Police: Clinton Supporter Lights Flag On Fire, Attacks Trump Supporter « CBS Pittsburgh

According to a criminal complaint, police were told Joshua Sturman was in the area to support Hillary Clinton, who spoke at a rally at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center later that afternoon. A group of Trump supporters had gathered on the opposing sidewalk in what police say was a peaceful assembly.Sturman crossed the street and walked into the middle of the group of Trump supporters. The criminal complaint says the members of the group were standing close to one another, shoulder-to-shoulder. The complaint says Sturman then pulled out a flag and began to light it on fire.
The Trump supporters attempted to put out the fire, which “enraged” Sturman. Sturman then threw a Trump supporter to the ground and attempted to jump on top of him. Bystanders alerted nearby officers, and police removed Sturman and placed him under detention.

Watching the video, they are all loud morons.
Funny the DNC went out of its way to have a billion flags yet the only ones burning the flags are Democrats.
Hillary Bros. I've noticed that Hillary supporters are very .... aggressively trying to get people to vote for her. It borders on bullying to be honest. Go figure the people pushing the false "Bernie Bros" narrative have stepped into the role themselves.

They can't seem to fathom why someone wouldn't vote for her, and it makes them angry for some reason. I can sort of understand, it was a hard battle getting this far, having to cheat and resort to every dirty trick they could get away with. And now, up against the most beatable opponent in recent memory, she isn't crushing him in the polls the way she's supposed to be. Stupid voters!
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I couldn't care less about the flag burning. I think it is silly but if it is your own property then whatever. I'm more concerned about open flames in public.

This raises an interesting question, at least to me. When is force appropriate at a protest? If he had a pro-Hillary or pro-Trump sign and a counter protestor tried to take away the sign, most people people would think it appropriate for the sign owner to use reasonable force in preventing the sign from being taken.

But is a burning piece of property still entitled to that same protection? If a Trump supporter were burning an effigy of Hillary and a Hillary supporter tried to put the fire out, would the Trump supporter be justified in using reasonable force to stop the Hillary supporter?

I'm on the fence.
Funny the DNC went out of its way to have a billion flags yet the only ones burning the flags are Democrats.

...why is that funny?
How many ***holes can dance on the head of a pin?

Anyway, I will decline to assume anything about liberals in general based on the actions of one; besides, assaulting someone else is a crime. Burning a flag is speech, like it or not.

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