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Skeptic Bob
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  • Merry Christmas!

    Hey, I just joined here, but if you would ever like to talk, just PM me. You are not alone.
    Your posts in the "Who's at fault" thread is a breath of fresh air and some of the most sensible I've read since Saturday.
    Thank you for the "Bad arguments your side makes..." post in the abortion forum. One of the few times I see an actual interesting and insightful thread in that section. I also was happy to see someone acknowledging a part of my biggest pet peeves with both sides....the constant desire to judge the other sides arguments as if they think the same way as you (IE, pro-lifers ignoring that a pro-choice persons argument is based on the idea that the fetus is not a child/doesn't have rights and pro-choicers ignoring that a pro-life's persons argument is based on the idea that the fetus is a child/has rights).
    From your post
    "I was a military attache in both Cambodia and Indonesia"
    That must have been interesting as hell.
    I confuse you and this "BrewDog" person a lot when I read your posts. Or I do, anyways, until I read what is in the post. Holy ****, you have one bigoted forum doppleganger.
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