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Nov 2 - just voted - you gotta here this


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May 19, 2004
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I walked in through something like a barricade - ropes to allow long lines. Back and forth - back and forth - I was the only one walking in there. I could tell through the window there were two people at the touchscreens.

I walked in and handed my voter registration card and DL. The first lady looked at me as though she was suprised that I handed her my DL. "Yes, he is the last - he won't count" as she pointed at me while talking to the supervisor.


"Your the last we won't count you for the 9:30" another lady said that handed the "card" to stick in the voter machine.

Another younger lady stood up directly with an intense look from the back of the room. Holy cow, what have I gotten into!?

The room stopped for about 2 seconds.

The supurvisor all of a sudden smiled and started laughing. "No, No, No - your vote will be counted!! We just need to show how many votes per hour on our paperwork." Everyone started laughing except the policeman and the lady that stood up. She sat back down.

I realized what was said at first, but just the word "count" in the air made it a weird climate. After voting, 3 ladies walked up to me and asked if I understood that my vote would be counted.
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That was crazy! That will keep your heart beating. Don't these folks realize there are folks who may just walk out and get a gun?:rolleyes:
I just knew that one lady (rather attractive I might add) was a lawyer and ready to jump.

For a split second I imagined Rita Cosby from FOXNEWS interviewing me for prime time.

I said something to the effect, but somehow they didn't think it was funny.

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