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Love your avatar. lol

Welcome :)
Where is Edgewood?

I am from Hobbs NM originally.
Have family in Bernallio and Cimmeron(sp?) NM.
Edgewood is somewhere in the middle of the desert in NM.


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actually its not quite in the desert. like the name says it is at the edge of the woods:D but the desert is a bout 16 miles away
I grew up in southeastern New Mexico. Anytime I tell people where I'm from, I hear "I think I've been through there." "Really? Where were you going?" "Well I think I drove through there on the way to Albequerque." Which is no where near where I grew up. I almost reach for the duct tape when this conversation is starting, for I fear my head will explode!! :-o

I also get asked if I speak Spanish. Makes me wanna :fu !!
Aren't all New Mexicans Mexicans?
So shouldn't they go back to Mexico if Immigration decides to part us with Mexico? Don't all New Mexicans speak spanish?

Please enlight me here! :screwy
ok i will enlighten you. i am here because my grandfather was in the military and refused to be stationed in texas. he grewup around belleview TX and joined the army to get away from his parents. on my moms side of the family my grandfather was from new hampshire and got stationed in albuquerque in the army. so i am about as white as it gets, it is just about impossible for me to learn spanish, and i wish my grandfather had stayed in texas
jcueckert13 said:
[snippers]i wish my grandfather had stayed in texas[/kersnipity]

Yes...yes you do. :twisted:

Aren't all New Mexicans Mexicans?

Yep - "New" Mexicans.

So shouldn't they go back to Mexico if Immigration decides to part us with Mexico?

eh? I do not understand your quetion. Immigration can't part with anything.
Let me enlighten LP.

Aren't all New Mexicans Mexicans?

This "New Mexican" was born in Texas. Besides, it's New Mexican, not new Mexican. Damn, I didn't realize that Jones, Smith, Johnson, Grey, King were Spanish names! :-o

So shouldn't they go back to Mexico....

Never lived there, why would I go back?

Don't all New Mexicans speak spanish?

Two years of Spanish in high school, barely remember any of it. Alot of good that did me!
HUm. I think they should get rid of all those state names that start with New. New York, New Hampshire, New Mexico. We could then call them Not, Not York, Not Hampshire, and NOT Mexico.

So in Not Mexico, english would be the native tongue. You see how much easier it is to distinguish it from Mexico now?
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