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N Korea seeks $75 trillion in compensation


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Jan 8, 2010
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N Korea seeks $75 trillion in compensation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The official North Korean news agency, KCNA, says the cost of the damage done by the US since the peninsula was divided in 1945 is estimated at $US64.96 trillion.


KCNA said the figure includes $US26.1 trillion arising from US "atrocities" which left more than 5 million North Koreans dead, wounded, kidnapped or missing.
The agency also claims 60 years of US sanctions have caused a loss of $US13.7 trillion by 2005, while property losses were estimated at $US16.7 trillion.
The agency said North Koreans have "the justifiable right" to receive the compensation for their blood.

:lol: Discuss...
Well that an interesting assertion...North Korea without the US would apparently be worth the entire current world economy. I think they screwed up those numbers a bit...:D
Its good to the that the RIAA has competition for the "most outrageously full of **** damages claim ever" contest.
If they'll take a check, I'll get it right in the mail for them.
When I first read the title I thought "trillion" was a type and should have been billion. This is just laughable. What does the North Korean government owe South Korea for sinking their ship? This is just North Korea wanting to play the role of a victim and pushing the anti-America card. What we owe North Korea is a royal bombing and toppling of the communist regime for oppressing human rights and starving people.
I thought Asians were supposed to be good at math... jokes.
did he put is pinkie in the corner of his mouth when he demanded it?
Given that it's over 65 years....

No, wait, still insane.
I actually laughed out loud when I read the OP, and that happens rarely for me in political discussions.

Thanks NK!
Ridicule away fellow posters. But if they file that claim in Chicago, we may all be ****ed....

Ridicule away fellow posters. But if they file that claim in Chicago, we may all be ****ed....


How? NK has no way to compel the U.S., a sovereign nation, to hand over money for anything. Even the World Trade Organization doesn't have that kind of power.

NK's claim is farcically baseless, as usual.
Fill up a bunch of containers full of monopoly money and ship it there. Throw in a cooking book while at it on how best to make Monopoly Money Stew :) .
I solved the problem...we agree to pay them, but we pay them in money from Zimbabwe. In fact, they have a single bill that is large enough to cover the entire bill plus some.


If we all pitched in like... 1/2 cent a piece, we could pay off this entire bill for the US, wouldn't we be heroes! ;)

Just imagine the good ole dear leader being told they payment will be made in cash, then getting that in the mail.
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Just look at this picture and try not to laugh


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