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Kid Teacher and dates? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 10, 2009
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No, I'm not talking about teachers and kids dating each other...not exactly. My daughter is watching a show called Mr. Young where a 14 year old genius is the science teacher in a high school. My daughter asks me a question that I thought would be interesting to pose here.

Could said genius kid who is a teacher date one of his students?

On one hand I'd say "no" because of the authority that a teacher has.

On the other hand the same kid would still be viewed as a kid in a class environment so maybe such "authority" would not be such an issue.

What are your thoughts?
My thoughts are it would break school regulations so it would be a fireable offense. But it wouldn’t be a criminal offense.

Now if the genius kid teacher hooked up with an 18-year-old senior student of his, things get even more interesting.
Not allowed... the kid teacher has authority over the students regardless of age of teacher. unethical.
Not allowed... the kid teacher has authority over the students regardless of age of teacher. unethical.

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