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it may be redundant but hi (1 Viewer)



Hello all. I'm a senior in high school who is moderately politically active and aware and would like to expand and develop her political opinion. Don't expect me to come forward with any ground shattering debate but I will do my best. Well I hope I don't annoy any of you with my slight political incompetence…
radical_faith said:
...I hope I don't annoy any of you with my slight political incompetence…
If it's only slight, that should be enough to allow you to wallop on some folks.

The water's fine. Remember that this is just a MB and you can get up and walk away anytime you like. And no one here's worth getting upset over. Though it can be humorous when people do get upset. So, I guess it's a toss up if I think you should get upset or not. I'll leave it to your judgement.

Welcome to Debate Politics!

Every post doesn't have to be a "debate" - just state your opinion. Sometimes the most interesting posts are the I feel or I think type.

And no one here's worth getting upset over.

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Wise this statement is.
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Fear leads to anger...anger leads to stress....stress leads to doobies...and doobies...doobies lead to twinkies young one
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Welcome to DP and you are only a year younger than me. Great to see some people my age here, lol.

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