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Interesting Problem with my Shin (Medical person needed) (1 Viewer)


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Oct 31, 2004
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OK Let me explain what happened to me on Friday. My friend and I were at lunch, and he made some snide remark, so I jokingly went to kick him, but he pulled up his leg. the right side of my shin hit his shin bone. It hurt a lot, and I had trouble putting pressure on it. Then I blacked out. I woke up 15-20 secs later and I had no idea what happened except that my head hurt (from apparently hitting the concrete) and my friends asking me what happened. Does anybody know about a nerve or something in the shin that could have caused this? Or does anybody know a doctor would could explain this to me?

Not a doc here, but are you ok other than the headache and shin pain?

btw, check your PM's. ;)
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Yes, I'm fine. I feel normal right now. And I didn't have that bad of a headache.
I beleive it is a condition known as liberalitas. Due to the liberals want to have the government take care of them, any time something happens it is to the most extreme case.:lamo
Hahahaha! No, I'm fine, my mom talked to her teacher (she's training to be a Assisant Personal Trainer) and I got some wacked medical terms but in the end, I should try not to hit my shin hard again.

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