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Hi from Alaska


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Jul 12, 2005
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Los Angeles, CA
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Hi, I am Joey and I am a 29 year old IT professional from Anchorage, AK. I also have a bachelor of arts concentrated in Medieval Literature. I am a strong conservative when it comes to finance and foreign affairs, however I am far left liberally when it comes to social issues. I guess I am just politically homeless HAHA. Looking forward to lots of great discussions in the forums!
yo...yo yo...yo yo; homey, yo...
Welcome to dah DP forum. :)

Alaska == cold

cold climate != vauge

warm climate === vauge
Haha, I am going to Maine soon for school, so I will know cold everyday.

Welcome and trust me, you have a home somewhere, it is just not with the two major parties.

Welcome to debate politics.
Maine, huh? You know they get way colder than we do here in Anchorage. Our temperatures here are pretty mild compared to some places in New England. Anyway, thank you for the warm reception everyone!
Hello! Alaskan, eh? Well it's good to meet a Canadian! :mrgreen:
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