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Experience with job service

I'm gainfully employed now, but back around a year ago my job was going to be dissolved, due to restructuring the school district in which I worked. So, I began searching for another job and in the process, applied for two 'city jobs' which required that I go through the illustrious "job service" agency to submit my application and resume.

I dressed like I normally would for any job interview. Nice slacks, heels, a business blouse and a blazer. I was dressed to impress, like I believe ANY job candidate should. "You don't have a second chance at making a good first impression", comes to mind.

I went into job service and told the front desk the job I would like to apply for.

I was shot a dirty look and the lady behind the desk slapped an application in front of me, and told me to "have a seat over there" to fill it out.

After filling out the application, I went back up to the desk and turned it in along with my resume. She turned up her nose and asked me if I had a profile with job services. I had never heard of such a thing, so I answered no. She seemed pretty annoyed with me at that point, because we now had to go through the process of setting up an account.

I was there to apply for a specific job (Executive Administrative Assistant) and yet, she acted like it was odd that I was there for only that particular job.

Regardless, we got an account set up for me (for this one application) and then she had me take a typing test. The minimum requirement for this job was to be able to type 35wpm which is a snails pace. I took the test, and my average was 87wpm and 100% accuracy. She seemed surprised that I could type at all.

I sat back down and waited for one of their employees to go over my application with me to make sure that I "filled it out right". :roll:

As I sat and waited, I looked around.

There were people there, applying for jobs that looked like they just rolled out of bed. One lady had all five of her children with her.... another that actually had pajama pants and slippers on. I wondered how the hell they expected to get a serious consideration for a job when they were dressed like they were. Yes, that's a small part of job hunting.. but really? You can't get DRESSED for an interview?!

A lady came up to me to go over my application. She couldn't find anything wrong with how I filled it out, and then asked me if I wanted her to critique my resume. I told her no, that was okay (I'd submitted my resume on numerous occasions and never had any issues with it - and she was visibly annoyed by my answer.

Then, the part that really floored me occured.

A battery of questions came at me and honestly, I didn't know what to think. Some of the questions centered around what sorts of 'barriers' I had in order to find a job.

I was asked if I had Section 8 housing. I answered, "No, I own my own home". She asked how many children I had and if I received social security for any of them. I answered, "Two children and no, I don't receive SS for either of them."

She then asked if I had reliable transportation. Yes, I did... I own two vehicles.

Then she asked me if I received any kind of public assistance. When I asked her, "Like what?", she stated... food stamps, welfare, WIC.. things like that. Again, I answered, "No... I don't get any assistance like that at all... never have."

She gave me a look over her glasses and then proceeded to ask me if I had any drug addictions or if I'd ever been convicted of a felony. Have I ever had something foreclosed on, or repossessed.

Ummm.... no. I hadn't.

She then told me that she'd submit my application and resume, but she warned that I was "over qualified" and that they would probably find a candidate more suitable for what they were looking for.

As I left, I wondered if the chick wearing pajama pants and slippers was the one they'd wind up hiring.
Also wondered why "over qualified" is a problem. When I was in a supervisory position I strived to hire the best I could get. I also told employees if something better came along to go for it. No one looks out for you but yourself.

Thanks for sharing. I had friends many years ago tell similar stories. Thankfully, I never had to go through the experience.
The receptionist's demeanor and questions, and the appearance of the other applicants make me wonder if the job service agency doesn't have financial incentive to place applicants who are on public assistance.

I also wonder if the applicants were hoping not to be hired, and were simply keeping up appearances - and unemployment benefits - by dropping applications here and there, now and then.
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