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DP Trolls - What do you think drives them to be such assholes?

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Jan 27, 2013
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No names or member IDs allowed, but just a general discussion on what you think makes DP's trolls tick.

Are you blessed/cursed with a DP troll, one or more, who likes to follow you around and post inane, baiting comments in response to your thread posts in a pathetic desire to bait you into a response? Do they like to focus on you, personally, and seldom if ever post about the topic of the thread hoping you or someone will acknowledge they exist?

I've noticed they exist here on DP and I'm just wondering what other members think about them, in general. I think they're petty and shallow, must have incredibly pathetic real lives lacking any meaning or fulfillment, and are desperately in need of attention, and basically just assholes.

I'd be interested in what other posters may think - but no names or ID's please - keep it general.
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