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Choice, as a matter of free will or determinism

Polish Rob

Oct 18, 2005
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Amherst, NH
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Slightly Liberal
After being in ethics seminar in my senior year at high school, which is a college level philosophy class basically, an english and ethics/philosophy/psychology class, free will and determinism came up, and do quite often.

When we have choices like abortion and whatnot, choice is always there, regardless of what stops you. Determinism is the law or guidelines you must follow, but free will is what takes you outside the box. This is an interesting way to look at free will vs determinism. Inside or outside the box of conformity.

Hmmmm. Ponder away.
To go even deeper, which determinism are you refering to? Mechanistic, fatalistic, theistic?
And when you associate abortion and free will, consider this:6 hours before the man and woman meet, the man was held up at a traffic light and missed his job interview that would have kept him busy and stopped him from going out. The traffic light was malfunctioning because of a wind storm the other night and has held up 100's of people. Since the man had no job to prepare for, he went out to drink.
The woman was on her way to her sisters and was running late. Because the same traffic light was malfunctioning, she ran it and was hit by a moving truck. On top of the stress of not seeing her sister, she wrecked her car. She decided to walk to a local bar to get drunk.
The two go to the same bar and eventually talk over a few drinks. Because both had bad days, they both drink more than usual and have sex.
Six weeks later, the woman discovers she is pregnant but cant afford the child because she lost her job because she wrecked her car because of the wind storm which is also indirectly responsible for her meeting the man who is responsible for her child.
I could create a story that takes both man and woman all the way back to their births and highlights the fact that all events that took place in their lives were influenced by someone or something else. Therefore, they had no free will but were living out the reactions of other tings.
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