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Changes to the forum


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May 19, 2004
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New header pic, very much thanks to Arch Enemy.

Very soon, the left bar will be removed for donating members.

Original code didn't work, will play with it a bit more today.

Whatcha think?
Great job with the coding, very good job.

I like the background choosen for the banner, aside from the banner itself.

Very good job, if you need me anymore just hollar.
vauge said:
Very soon, the left bar will be removed for donating members.

Donating members should no longer see the advertising bar on the left side.

If you are a donating member, and you do see it - please let me know.
Wonderfully done, a vast improvement from the pervious banner. But what made you choose those particular flags?
Thank you. I like this look much better as well.

Arch Enemy did the banner. We do have members from several of them -
US, China, GB, Isreal, and Germany.

But, I have to be honest - I do not know all those flags.

Do these need to be evaluated? (honest question)
I selected many of the ones just randomly. It was the lucky ones, but I also made sure I covered every region, which I could find.

It'd look terrible if every single flag, in the world, was on there so I kept with a good even number.
Well done! :clap:
Thanks S-Dizzle

If anyone needs my expertise (or lack there of)

Just give me a hollar.
That's a real fine job there, Arch!

Yeah It looks nice, it was a long process and I kept on getting rejected by Vague :smile:

It was either too big, or too scary.
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