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And Then Some


The Flies
After William Blake

I love you little guys,
My lowly little houseflies—
the life in you,
the life in me
Touches on the one great mystery

How clever the idea and wise
To couch a mystery in such a guise—
the life in you
the life in me
Converges on eternity

Take wing, my scrappy kitchen flies,
Take wing!
and random in thy dance arise!
The very thing!

Float cloudlike once again before these eyes
And dream for me the fleeting dance of all that lives and dies!


A Spider

In a corner of a living room
a spider spins a web.

Outside in waters slack as doom,
a tide begins to ebb.

Above, another waning moon;
an earth in spin below.

Behind it all and burning slow,
a sun lights out for noon.



Beware the pissant

buoys and gargoyles—

the ant that can't—

Beware the cant—

the insignificant and the vacant—

Beware the unpleasant—

the ignorant—

the irrelevant—

and the repugnant—

to name only a few

in no particular order.


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The Poet's Grandfather

dancing the Stroll in lab coat and Ray-Bans circa 1958
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"Clever and Convincing"
New York Herald Tribune
— New York Daily Mirror
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