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Advocates push for safer, 'more inclusive' co-ed bathrooms


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Mar 18, 2011
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My concern with gender neutral bathrooms was never about a few transexuals. It was my belief that this was the real agenda.

They want to flush single-sex bathrooms down the toilet.
Advocates are urging co-ed bathrooms in all settings after President Obama issued a decree for transgender students to use the stalls of their choice.
They think unisex bathrooms are better than single-sex bathrooms for male and female for many reasons: They’re safer, more inclusive and more efficient.
“Gender-neutral bathrooms are more inclusive,” said architect Matt Nardella, owner of the Chicago firm Moss Design, which designs unisex bathrooms. “They’re safe and more inviting to every one of any gender.”

Advocates push for safer, 'more inclusive' co-ed bathrooms - NY Daily News
Someone should post a blueprint of a co-ed bathroom.

How will people who belong to a different sex take a dump at the same time?

Once we get those mechanics worked out everything will be just fine.

Great... another subject thrown into the political spin machine only to end up with this ****.
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