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  • yeah its pretty nasty stuff...if it goes awry...heheh but Ill be fine im to rotten not to be
    I was reading up on that cholosteotoma thing, and I wish you luck during surgery.
    Thanks shewolf...cpwill is a good kid...hes just passionate about what he believes like me...the hypocrit thing caught me because I dont feel I am...thank you though....your about the only one around here would defend the villainous lpast...:)
    I hope Cpwill didn't bother you about calling you a hypocrite. It seemed out of line and rude to me. Anyways, I left some posts supporting you in the thread.
    Heya, sweetie! Haven't seen you around in a while. Everything okay? *hugs*
    Thanks for the mention in the awesome thread. :)

    I checked and oddly enough, you are not my friends list. Would you mind?? :)
    Hiya Di :)...Im still kickin and waiting for results...I should know soon enough
    Hadn't seen a post from you in a while, so just checking up to make sure you're okay. Guess you are, because I see you're active as we speak! Cheers, buddy! :)
    Hi lpast.... I don't always agree with you, but I think your contribution here at DP is of high quality.
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