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    Joe Biden: I Picked Kamala Harris Because She's ˜Ready to Lead on Day One"

    Harris didn’t didn’t 1 delegate in Dem primary....Dems don’t even like her...lol
  2. Trump

    How many US Presidents (from Reagan on) would have pretended COVID was a hoax/nothing?

    Trump shut down flights from China....the experts disagreed at first....now praise the move....so there's that:doh
  3. Trump

    Steele’s primary source triggers focus on think tank tied to Clinton, Biden

    Dems tried to unseat Trump through impeachment and failed...truth shall set you free. :lamo
  4. Trump

    WH backstabbed Vindman

    No body believes you....:roll:
  5. Trump

    Trump Boots his Campaign Manager

    Remember the poll numbers and the laughter of the media.....right up until Hillary conceded ....:lamo same feeling same results
  6. Trump

    Defund the police didn't last long

    amazing how that works
  7. Trump

    Trump commutes sentence of longtime adviser Roger Stone

    Love it. Lefts salty tears taste sooooo good.
  8. Trump

    [W:156]Obamagate: The worst politicaql scandal in US history

    Sit back and enjoy as dumbshlt Obama has the shlt hit the fan right back into his face.
  9. Trump

    [W:156]Obamagate: The worst politicaql scandal in US history

    The open ***** wound finally burst.... Completely self inflicted wound
  10. Trump

    Jonathan Turley Rips Apart Obama’s ‘Leaked’ Statement About the DOJ and Flynn

    Suing the Government for Negligence: The Federal Tort Claims Act | Nolo
  11. Trump

    Jonathan Turley Rips Apart Obama’s ‘Leaked’ Statement About the DOJ and Flynn

    Obama is the only one imploding....sit back and enjoy
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