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  1. Stewart

    Net Neutrality Explained

    1. No, you'd be responsible for negotiating extra bandwidth with your upstream ISP. 2. ATM, most people pay for "unlimited" bandwidth and therefore there shouldn't be any issues. If you were on a cap like the new (really ****ty) comcast plans than you would be responsible for purchasing...
  2. Stewart

    Net Neutrality Explained

    It's unlikely that cable would be the limiting factor. Upgrading the infrastructure to docsis 3.1 could be done without relaying cable/installing fibre.
  3. Stewart

    FCC's Net Neutrality Shift a Victory for Open Internet & Grassroots Activism...

    As I understand it, that would still be the same. Netflix pays it's ISP for it's bandwidth and they purchase 2 Terrabytes and have a 10Gb/s pipe (pulled these out of my arse), this would then be shared by all it's users. If it ran out of bandwidth it would be up to Netflix to negotiate a new...
  4. Stewart

    FCC issues Net Neutrality Rules

    Whoops. I may have voted Don't care. -_- I think it's a good thing, we'll see how it plays out.
  5. Stewart

    Rick Sacra, U.S. Doctor Who Recovered From Ebola, Hospitalized.....

    He is only receiving supportive care and will die very soon. ZMapp supplies are zilch, and I'm not sure about TKM. Edit: it appears he's now receiving a new anti-viral only just approved by the FDA. He is listed as stable.
  6. Stewart

    Will Political Correctness Finally Kill us All?

    I'm already in my happening bunker.
  7. Stewart

    If You Could Unseat One Congressman/Woman....

    I think some of his ideas make sense, but others are very dangerous/stock standard right wing ideas. My main reason for getting rid of him because I see him as articulate and engaging threat with lots of credibility. Cruz and a lot of others lack the same credibility that he demandsl, both...
  8. Stewart

    If You Could Unseat One Congressman/Woman....

    He hates swinging in the wind.
  9. Stewart


    Ehh not exactly.
  10. Stewart


    It is. However we are reliant on tHe server admins to apply it. The actual patch itself was a trivial code change. The question is now, how much damage has been done?
  11. Stewart

    Anyone familiar with Solid State Drives?

    You won't get better performance in terms of fps. But you will see a nice decrease in loading screens. Of course with some games now over 20gb, can you afford to put them on an ssd?
  12. Stewart

    Texas Hospital keeping pregnant dead lady on life support[W:315]

    Re: Texas Hospital keeping pregnant dead lady on life support Ariel wasn't brain dead, only PVS and I still think that was wrong.
  13. Stewart

    Honoring a brother's last wish: $500 tips on a cross-country mission - Cannot support

    Re: Honoring a brother's last wish: $500 tips on a cross-country mission - Cannot sup What? ... ... ...
  14. Stewart

    Why "The Good Old Days" Are Never The Good Old Days

    Wasn't that aid to the European States for post-war recovery?
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