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  • Wonderful! Did they embarrass you by singing happy birthday in the restaurant too? I hate that. :lol:
    It's always nice to be able to get together with your family during the holiday season! I have some family members that I really don't see very often throughout the year, so it's great seeing them on Christmas. :)
    It was pretty good. I think the meal was the best part though! :lol: Thanks for asking! :) How about you?
    No prob on the site. It is a resource I learned about. Alexis is a MtF on the site who was a great friend. Why was i gone? PM
    That is so great. i ran into a site which might be good for you as it is a fully LGBTQ site. You may find it uplifting. I managed to get banned for an infraction which could not be helped. But you might want to have a look and see if it is a good fit for a place to share. It is called Emptyclosets dot so and so. You know what i mean. it may be good for you to share at at. There are a couple of Trans I used to share with under the name of Kay if you go you might not want to say Kay out loud. hehehe I'm serious but Alexis has just started HRT as well. I am so happy for you. hugs sweetie
    Like remodeling. :roll: Gotta do it though. I would like her to move into a small apartment where everything is on one floor and she doesn't have to walk too far to get from room to room, but she's so stubborn and she won't hear of it.
    Thanks. We've been talking about having some changes done to her home so that she can remain on the first floor and avoid the stairs. That would help out a lot.
    Yes, totally, but my aunt and my cousins also help out, so it's okay. Just don't have too much time to myself lately.
    Well, I'm glad to hear that! Congrats on the job! :) Nothing is new here. I've been very busy though, having to help take care of my mom (she has MS). It's quite stressful, but other than that everything is good. Thanks for asking!
    Hello! Haven't spoken to you in a while. Just wanted to say hey what's up! I was just curious if you've looked into any schools yet?
    Definitely look around and check out all of your options. It can't hurt, right? :)
    Heading off to bed now, but you should give that some thought. Have a good night!
    Gosh it's been years since I've been to school, but I took the whole Medical Assistant certification course, which I'm quite sure you wouldn't need. You would probably only need Med Term, as long as you are proficient in grammar, spelling, etc. I would think each course individually is probably like anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

    You should look into online classes, and there are probably community colleges in your area that offer night classes and the option to just take individual courses. I would think your best bet would be to start checking out online classes because they are going to be much cheaper if money is an issue. Then, if need be, look into your local community colleges.
    They will give you a computer to use. It doesn't matter where you live, as long as you have internet access. You really don't even have to type super fast, as long as you are a decent typist and accurate. If you can't pay to take courses, look into a student loan or, if you are really low income, you might even be eligible for some kind of a grant to put you through some courses that you might need. It's worth thinking about at least, so give it some thought.
    I went to school to be a medical assistant actually. I just preferred to stay on the administrative side, so I got a job doing medical transcription.

    If you seriously were thinking about getting a job doing medical transcription, my company is always looking for good employees. It's a great job, lots of good benefits, good pay, paid time off. You would have to take some classes first though. Medical Terminology being a biggie. How many WPM do you type?
    More like a subcontractor. I work for a large medical transcription company. I type and edit doctors' reports. Some doctors use voice recognition systems, and I will edit those, and others will just dictate into a digital system which is then downloaded by me and I type it.
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