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  • Heya Excon did you lose interest our Music threads? I left a lot of songs that were easy over Fire. Thought we could have got that one going.
    You and Sharon should make Social Groups for pro Treyvon and pro-Zimmerman.
    You said "Thank you for the likes, I am new here and just learning the ropes."

    That seems to be a quote that would be attributed to an apprentice hangman.
    No need to clutter the thread with this.

    Can you point me to where the picture of the call log is.

    I just saw a printout of the 911 call from Zim that puts the last exchange from dispatch at 19:15 15.

    And that police arrived to find Martin dead a 7:17

    Honestly had no idea the timing was so close.

    But can't find the start and end times of the call to the GF.
    Just wanted to say im sorry. I didn't agree with what you were saying at all and still do not but I crossed the line and was uncalled for, my apologies.
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