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  • Nice to see you, Don. I hope you are well.
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    Thank you, Middleground. All is well with me. I’m looking forward to the day when this awful pandemic finally ends. Today’s verdict and the success of NASA’s Ingenuity team yesterday show that there continue to be reasons to have faith in a better future.
    You sure get a ton of visits- Over 14 K. Never saw a number so high.
    Yes I was here a few times though
    Please share your thoughts about Egypt, don! I look forward to reading your perspective and I am seriously emotionally invested, having some new brothers in Luxor, Egypt. I just returned from Egypt last weekend and I was there during the prior weekend of the 2 days of second round elections. Fantastic!!!

    Thank you for your post on Cyprus. It was a neutral and professional analysis of the conflict and i couldn't have said it better myself. You said precisely what i was saying when you stated:

    "That Turkey's military intervention was "illegal" under international law was a lesser consideration for Turkey's government."

    I previously stated that:

    "International law becomes irrelevant when that very law inhibits a nations ability to protect there minorities abroad. International law in this respect is a very broad consensus that allows little exceptions in exceptional and specific circumstances such as this."

    although i believe your assessment was better than my own.
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