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  1. Bob N

    Was Trump the greatest president ever?

    I'll admit that the picture in the opening post of this thread actually depicts what Trump thinks of himself
  2. Bob N

    Boehner says 'unemployed' Trump 'has nothing else to do' but 'cause trouble' (4/12/21)

    John Boehner is still one of the logical people to have worked in DC.
  3. Bob N

    It's time to stop showing violent police videos

    In my opinion, what really needs done is rooting out any police officer that doesn't measure up. Body cams are needed. Let the truth be revealed. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Bob N

    An Exploding Star 65 Light-Years Away From Earth May Have Triggered a Mass Extinction

    Apparently according to some scientists global warming is not man made; it's coming from space and it may have contributed to killing life during the Late Devonian extinction. Exploding stars, Supernovas. Science is looking for iron-60, plutonium-244 and samarium-146 from that period in...
  5. Bob N

    All deaths of COVID-19 from now on is Joe Bidens fault

    Mother Nature is moving slow, huh. :cool:
  6. Bob N

    All deaths of COVID-19 from now on is Joe Bidens fault

    I hope that you're going to give him time to fix this. Donald Trump just let the individual states figure it out. :rolleyes:
  7. Bob N

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Dean Koontz: Elsewhere.
  8. Bob N

    Biden Says MLK didn't have the effect Floyd did

    With what we know in the past with news footage and someone getting it on their camera phone video, it definitely make it more personal.
  9. Bob N

    Johnson & Johnson officer says goal is to deliver 1 billion coronavirus vaccines next year

    I agree. The federal government needs to quit cheering on the sidelines and get into the game. :thumbs: So far all we can get from the white house is sunshine and consuming disinfectant will solve this. :roll:
  10. Bob N

    They came to take away the firearms

    Didn't Trump issue an executive order banning bump stocks?
  11. Bob N

    The War On Christmas Is Over

    As always. The ones with more $$$$. ;) :lol:
  12. Bob N

    The War On Christmas Is Over

    I do agree with your premise, but seeing that Christianity has a large fellowship in this country, it appears that until the other religions obtain more money they will play second class when it comes to being recognized.
  13. Bob N

    Donald Trump claims his Intel agencies never said what they said

    Everyday Trump knows more than the Intel does. Amazing! The first president that has this gift.:roll:
  14. Bob N

    Nancy Pelosi Is Spending Shutdown at Hawaii Resort

    You are correct. For 2018 the republicans have the reigns of the stagecoach. And even Trump told Chuck Schumer at the White House that he would take the blame. :shrug:
  15. Bob N

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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