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You’re in Nazi Germany...

(Blog created from a thread in the polls section.)

... do you think you will likely be:

1. A Nazi... reluctant, enthusiastic... does not matter...


2. An Oskar Schindler type person?

Well, tens of millions of Germans were faced with the choice. I suggest you read the book Ordinary Men... a story of “regular Germans” joining a non-combat police force and how they... little step by little step... ended up becoming mass murderers.

And, some had the choice to opt out from their commanding officer. They didn’t. Why, is interesting and sad commentary about people in general. Part of it is people fear what others in the group might think... they fear standing alone. Being ostracized. The group is a comfortable place... especially when it is an angry mass that will **** on you should you defy it.

Fact is... everyone posting here statistically would be NAZI’s perpetrating crimes.

Don’t believe me? Look at your life.

I’ll ask you...

When given the opportunity to stand up and defend someone being wronged... have you?

Have you spoken up when a situation demanded it? Or did you follow the crowd?

Having witnessed wrong-doings, when a voice of sanity was called for, did you look away?

Have you joined in, and/or encouraged others... following the crowd, despite knowing in your gut it was the wrong thing to do?

Have you stood alone and faced the crowd... and taken the abuse when you know (and they know) they were dead wrong?

These situations do not entail risk of life, as Schindler’s did... but few do act in a manner that would be consistent with Schindler.

There were tens of millions of NAZI’s, and a mere handful of Hero’s like Schindler.
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