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I just realized that there are several very very realistic parallels between our current situation with Trump and his Republicans oh, and the pawn shop scene in Pulp Fiction.


First off, yes...we ARE "pretty ****in' far from okay".
So who are we looking at here.

Well, since this is an exercise in "willing suspension of disbelief", I now ask you to put these characters in a vacuum entirely separate from the movie for a moment.
First we have Maynard the pawn shop owner.
When we first meet Maynard, he's aiming a shotgun at a white guy and a black guy, Bruce Willis and Ving Rhaymes, as Butch and Marcelus.
Yeah that's right, we are both imperfect characters.
That's us, White America and Black America, both sides of the spectrum. We are fighting with each other, we're trying to kill each other.

Maynard is Attorney General William Barr.
After Maynard knocks us out, we awaken to meet Zed. You'd think Barr would be Zed but in Trump World, the law has no meaning or value so in reality Trump is Zed because Trump believes he is not only The State but The Law as well.
Maynard is doing whatever Zed tells him to, thus Trump is indeed Zed.
And Zed is deciding which of us two he's going to sodomize first. He chooses the black guy.

Now here's the chance for the white guys to beat a hasty retreat. Some of us think that maybe we will make our peace with Zed. We know Zed's going to whack the black guy after he finished raping him, so some of us think that Zed's going to let us slide for that.
We forget that Maynard's going to be pissed that we got away, he left The Gimp in charge of watching us. The Gimp is also another composie character made up of all the Bikers for Trump, Cops for Trump, all the militia kiddies and Proud Boys, and of course the Boogs.
Maynard's counting on them but we knocked them out and gave him the slip.

Make no mistake, after Zed's finished with the black guy he's going to come looking for us.
But some of us have an attack of conscience. We can't let Zed and Maynard get away with this.
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