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Checkerboard Strangler

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  • I'm starting to wonder this a little bit. Just a feeling.

    I'm starting to think that if I subscribe to your side, the left, etc, then I'd be praised as "intelligent, moral, and open-minded".

    But if I subscribe to conservatism, the right, etc, I'm ridiculed with "ignorant, stupid, trumpkin". Just a thought.

    Good Night

    Checkerboard Strangler
    Checkerboard Strangler
    No one is asking you to subscribe to "the left".
    Put away your copy/paste narratives about "leftists" because they are cartoon cutouts.
    I identify as left but I am conservative on plenty of issues.
    Stop pretending that some Trump inspired army of radical leftists exists.
    My lean on my profile says conservative. But, socially, I'm pretty liberal.
    Checkerboard Strangler
    Checkerboard Strangler
    The last four years has, for me, felt a lot like the McCarthy era.
    So we differ on what, economic issues? Big deal...we work stuff like that out on Capitol Hill, in committee, right?
    Of course if a bill can't even GET a hearing, that's out the window.
    See? This is where the problem lies, the old Gingrich/Hastert rules.
    Unless and until that goes away, how is it even possible to do proper statecraft at all?
    Merry Christmas!

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