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Would you like to know something else about notorious Halliburton Company?



Now this US service incorporation has got a contract on construction of new prisons on the territory of… Kyrgyzstan. I should remind you this country has become the fourth one (taking into account Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia) where Americans tried to build similar "bulwarks of their democracy". It's been known that not long ago Halliburton finished construction of new complexes in Guantanamo. Its "successful work" made it possible to locate even more prisoners there now. But the presence of any rights advocates from international HRW organizations is still inadmissible at such objects. And it gives occasion to consider that USA fears any inspection, which can show continuous violation of prisoners' rights there. But ordinary Americans should remember over 35% of their population has a previous conviction or undergo sentence. So it stirs particular control even in the circles of US rights advocates. They fear US citizens will be subjected to such heavy pressure from special services (in the case of being under their suspicion of political unreliability or possible terrorist activity) that can be comparable to strict disciplinary measures, used, for example, for prisoners in Guantanamo.
Would you like to know something else about notorious Halliburton Company?
When did I ask that, Um never. Besides human rights activists consider feeding prisoners chicken and fish, and listening to "Christina Agulara" music, to be torture. Please. I consider it going to public school. So you can wave to all those "tortured" school childern, and say "I dont care", because you have got better things to do, like give a "Get out of jail free card" to our enemies. Obviously you need more work, I mean I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO RESPOND TO THIS CLAIM, YOU COULDNT EVEN GET THE FORUMS ATTENTION!

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