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World Recession Transfering Democratic Certainty

The uncertainty in the economies of the European Union the United States and other democratic nations. Have started to show more signs of unresponsiveness. After financial markets were bailed out in the democratic countries, there was a series of smaller programs aimed at stimulating their free markets thru freeing money for commerece in their prospective countries. Now in , 2010.We are faced with the same problems that we dealt with throughout the,Great Recession of the New Millenium. Employement continues to fall in the free market economies.The worsening situation exasperates the need to protect the home markests by the Governments ; because
of political change brought about by high unemployement and citizen dissatisfaction of trade policys that cause more imports, cheaper goods to come into their country.Without benefit to their Domestic Productions.

China has had to limit its growth; because the curent communist system of government must grow to contain it. If the theory that free trade to China was a good idea to the free market capitalist system why has'nt it helped the countrys wealth that have invested in it?America and Europe have invested technology and money
in the Chinesse manufacturing system. That system has grown tremendously and has became very successful
contributing to the success of the free market capital arguemnets from the democratic nations doing business with the communist country.The imports flow into the trading partners of China because of the low price of the goods and the enormous quantitys sent out by it.The countrys it is trading with cant compete with their domestic markets against Chinas for several reasons the main one being the investments from their capital markets favor the low wage market of Chinas. So new investments follow the old ones to help support them and for new investments in the , Chinesse system has higher short term profits: because they have lost competitive markets in the home countrys market due partly to the industry's moving to China.

Has the capitalist systems been used to further communisim?Since the Communist in China, control the economic system in China it is a closed communist system.There by used for the ideoligy that more closely
aheares to the values of the system of rule in Communist Regimes.Why would the party adherants give up control and turn to a democratic sytem of rule of law when they are the law in and of itself now? The Communist party in its national control and local system of loyal promotion insures that it is the custom
of choice for the citizens.Communisim is theirs it is the system of government they have always had .
They enjoy those benefits and hardships of life and that it is also the identity they have collectively.They form its military and its culture they are its patriots and strongest supporters.They also
participate in limits within the manufacture of its goods and advancing it's technological capabilities.
As an American citizen I could not simply adopt a new national ideology for the one I have now for fear of
uncertaintity in a new system.Expecting the people of China to adopt Democracy is idealistic at best, they wont.Using the export of the worlds economys to COMMUNISTS is dangerous, for the fight against oppression in the world. The issues with China on foreign affairs are the same, they advance causes that stop western expansion and enhance their power in the world..It doesnt matter whether they are using capitalisim to make goods and sell abroad and to let outside capital markets participate.Thru the manipulation and control of the profits in their system the Chinesse can continue to use the rescources of their closed communist system to put pressure on the democratic nations that are transfering their wealth and security
to them.Until they are unable to sustain the ability to remain free. Both economicaly and militarily.


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Dec 21, 2005
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Larset, you seem to have some fixation on "communism".
There is probably more communism in your post than the entire nation of China !
Its an interesting post or blog, but badly in the need of editing.
And our philosophies are as polar as can be .
Years ago, I was anti-communist as you are now, today, I prefer the truth.
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