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Wolfburg auto-storage 'vending machine' facility

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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Volkswagen brings love of vending machines to car storage
Autostadt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There's something inexplicably fun about getting something out of a vending machine, particularly one with a cool dispensing mechanism. And if you're picking up your new car from Volkswagen's storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany, "inexplicably fun" just isn't the word. The storage facility, which takes up just 20 percent of the space needed by comparable facilities, holds 20-story towers filled to the brim with new VWs. An automated arm raises up into the heavens of the building, retrieving the new owner's VW and bringing it to him/her in less time, and without the potential damage brought by human error.

Check out pics on this thing - totally cool! I want one :)
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