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Why Universal Healthcare is wrong; A discussion for my liberal/progressive friends

Why Universal Healthcare is wrong; A discussion for my liberal/progressive friends.

We all hear the calls for Universal Healthcare, that there are people in dire need of treatment denied their right to a healthy life because they are poor.

That right there is the fundamental flaw in the argument. No one has a Right to healthcare. You have the Right to seek treatment, you do not have the Right to force another to pay for your treatment. That is what the discussion really boils down to, the ideological divide between the two views on the issue.

We are a Republic, founded on the principle that your destiny is in your heads. You owe your fellow man only that you obey the laws of the land and live your life without intruding upon his. There is no Right that requires an obligation from another to provide said Right. It would be like holding a rally for your personal political cause, and forcing others to pay for your rally against their will. You have the Right to the rally, but you have to fund the logistics of it.

Sadly, we have moved further and further away from this. Every move away from this principle was done ostensibly for “the good of all”. However the truth is each move was driven by the greed of politicians for power.

We've reached a point in our society where we face having to pay the piper for the errors of our grandparents. However, many have become so entrenched into believing that the Government is the source of prosperity, the dispenser of well being, the arbiter of success that we are now facing the prospect of seeing our Healthcare system become the play ground of politicians.

Which is what “Obamacare” really is. Politicians using the promise of “free or better” healthcare with other peoples money. This ignores the rights of those whom are forced to pay for said healthcare and is but a gateway to a single payer system where decisions about your health are no longer between you and the doctor, but between the doctor and the Government.

No one wants to see people die because they cannot afford the treatment they need, however forcing the tax payers to foot the bill is not the answer either. The resource of tax dollars is finite, and we're facing an economic collapse if we don't reign in our out of control Government spending. We can ill afford the massive burden that is Obamacare, let alone a move to a UHC system.

In the end, both sides want the same thing, for people to be able to live their lives well. It is the difference though on how to achieve that which divides us, with one side believing the individual is responsible for their lives, and other the other believing that we are responsible. Friends, we cannot be responsible, we cannot afford to be. You have the right to succeed or fail in this life. Trying to make life failure free will make us all fail.

(writers note: I intended this as just a blog post, but decided to open a thread on it as well: http://www.debatepolitics.com/gener...beral-progressive-friends.html#post1059323210 )


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Dec 7, 2009
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You're right in that Obamacare sucks.

Where you're wrong is that Universal Healthcare is an antithesis of the ideas of a republic or democracy.

There are many different types of universal healthcare systems that can be implemented. One is a single-payer primary system in which everyone pays into a single government health insurance plan.

Why should this be done? To cut down on administrative costs. And by doing so, more money can be spent on actual health care.

Will this bankrupt our nation? No, as long as we use only the funds paid into it for it's functions. Which can be ensured through legislation.

Will this decrease competition? No, since catastrophic insurance can still be sold by private insurance companies.

So, all from a single-payer system, Americans could get:
1) adequate basic health care
2) a sustainable system for health care
3) cost efficiencies through savings on administration
4) retention of private insurance companies for catastrophic health insurance
5) innovation and competition from those private insurance companies

So personal responsibility or the lack of it has very little to do with universal healthcare. Rather, it is that universal healthcare is economically more efficient. Liberals and progressives don't want to implement universal healthcare in order to infringe on personal rights. Rather, liberals and progressives want to implement universal healthcare in order to make healthcare costs more efficient. Which is something conservatives should rally behind since doing so also allows the government to be more fiscally responsible.
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