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Why took it 3 years for the US to reptariate the German gold?


Jul 3, 2020
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Rostock / Germany
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In 2013 the german government decided that large parts of the german gold that was stored in USA, to be repatriated to Germany.

Germany holds the world's second-largest gold reserves after the United States, at 3,378 tons or 270,000 ingots of around 12 kilograms each. The amount has a market value of around 120 billion euros. During the cold war large amounts of that gold got stored in USA for security reasons, should the USSR overrun Germany, it was decided teh gold is saver in New York than in Frankfurt and in an amergency could be used to finance the resistance against russian occupation.

Since that danger was gone and more and more people in Germany demanded the gold to be shipped back home, an investigation was made and it came out, that since decades no german official had checked the gold is still there in the US vaults. The german government said it has 100% trust in its american ally but the highest court was not so trustful and ordered the repatriation of the gold.

While the transport of 145,5 tons of gold from Paris to Frankfurt was done within 2 years...it took USA almost 4 years to repatriate 384,5 tons.

Some say USA stole the german gold and used it for their own purpose, hoping nobody would check whats going on and were surpised by the repatriating order. USA needed 4 years to buy such gigantic amounts of gold on the free market to have the gold to be shipped back Germany.

Anyways, the repatriation was completed once Trump became president, so just in time.

Meanwhile Austria and Belgium also want their gold back.


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Mar 21, 2012
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Do you think there is some kind of conspiracy afloat?
If so, the conspiracy forum is located elsewhere.
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