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Why do you want Senators chosen by state legislature?


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May 26, 2020
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menifee calif.
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Seems to me, the direction that the Republicans are going is exactly as now. Away from Democracy. Trump wants to subvert the Electoral college to insert TRUMP voting electors, that ignore the will of the people. The only thing stopping that, is the outrage of the people, and their subsequent vote. What Republicans want is that the Senators are not culpable for thrown elections. Or any vote that flies in the face of decency. They will vote the Republican in, no matter the vote counts.

Oh, there will be Republicans that say, the Senate is dysfunctional, and we need to get stuff done. When the truth is, that Republicans think compromise is treason, so they ONLY want stuff they want done, NOT the will of the people.

And so I ask, why do you want Senators chosen by state leg?
Senators should be chosen by popular vote like they are now. Somebody got a problem with that?
One man one vote.

You cant trust elected politician to vote the way you would. Cut out the middle man.
I'm beginning to think that trump and barr are wanting to change every aspect of American democracy that I grew up with.
Answer to the OP is obvious: corporations and other powerful groups can more easily control state legislatures. And they are more worthy because they are more wealthy. But our trend since 1783 has been towards more democracy (excepting voter ID and other recent measures) and the amendment that brought direct elections was part of that pattern. Groups like the John Birch Society saw that as the beginning of America’s decline. Of course they would.
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