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Why a burkini ban is not enough! (1 Viewer)

Written by Rami Amer Dabbas ''Lewkowich ''on 3 september 2016.

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Imagine yourself on a sunny beach with your kids while
contineously women walk by in a nazi-uniform. You
would feel quite threatenend, wouldn’t you? Especially
when you are a Jew, a Christian, a member of the LBGT-
community, a democrat, a child of a soldier killed in
WOII or a gipsy. National-socialism is the horrible
antithesis to democracy and human rights. It sparked
WOII and took the lives of 60 million peopleI! A number
so big, we can hardly imagine it. It takes 11 days (24×7) to even count to 1 million. Every weekend in
Lituania volunteers still dig up dozens of German and Russian soldiers killed and lost in action on the
battle fields of WOII. In the picture you see the little black coffins containing the remains of German
soldiers who were dug up recently. So, that’s what a Nazi-uniform stands for.
A BURKINI STANDS FOR? their own system. You could say that the Islamic
A burkini represents Islam, which venerates the community is the biggest dictatorschip ever
prophet Mohammed. A prophet so ‘holy’ and known to mankind. Without outside help, the
such an ‘example’ for mankind that you are muslims can’t break out. They have to be freed
punishable by death if you offend him or even if like the Germans from National-socialism and the
you make a drawing of him. Historically Japanese from Tojo-fascism. But the progressive
uncontested and never contested by any of the forces in Europe and the USA (e.g. the European
1.4 billion muslims, this Mohammed was a Commisson and Hillary Clinton) by nature
pedophile, slavetrader (man, women and sympathize with Islam because it’s also anti
children), mass murderer, roof murderer, christian and anti Jewish. Progressive forces
sadist/torturer, racist (killer of Jews), never fail to state that Islam is a normal religion
mysogynist, killer of apostates, rapist, killer of and that is an outright denial of the truth. Nobody
christians, killer of LBGT and an outright liar. All remebers that when the muslim armies
muslims know about Mohammed, but in their conquered India, they took 80.000.000 lives
system they must revere him and must continue between the 12th and 16th century. No tipo,
to consider Mohammed ‘the big example for eighty million! Regardless the cost of countless
mankind’. Make no mistake, muslims do not of lives and the totally justified islamofobia,
secretly think they have deplorable morals, progressive forces make themselves
because Mohammed is considered the ‘flawless accomplices to the biggest and most terrible
standard’ for their morality. If you don’t believe dictatorship and and scourge to mankind the
this you are an apostate and you have to be world has ever known. Left wingers claim to be
killed. So the system is self perpetuating in an pro human rights, pro feminism and LBGT, but
incredible horrible way. And if this it what they their allience to islam makes them incredible
do to their own, don’t expect any leniency for hypocrites or may be I shoud say liars. An
‘unbelievers’. Muslims are hugely repressed by outright disgrace.

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