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Who should the founding fathers punk next?


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Dec 20, 2009
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Here is a poll from the founding fathers asking who they should punk next.

Where should the Founding Fathers Go Next? | Declare Independence

I voted for Nelson from Nebraska.

well i think that the fact that they are willing to use state coercion to try to limit free speech indicates that they don't share much of our Founding Fathers' view of man and his proper role in regards to the State; the Founders would likely point out that business only becomes involved in politics when politics makes it profitable for them to do so. When you begin to legislate buying and selling, the first things bought and sold will be legislators.

however, it is wonderful for a change to see our compatriots on the left actually caring about what our Founding Fathers thought and who they were, so I have to say I more than welcome this group to the public debate.

:D but i vote Rangel.
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