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Who needs Labour when you have the scumbag Lib-Cons?!


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Sep 16, 2009
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Tory traitor Kenneth Clarke, previously known for his lust to sign away every last scrap of financial sovereignty to the EU, is once more planning to betray the British people.

For reasons of 'cost-cutting', Clarke wants to slash the number of felons sent to jail. This is well on the way to the Liberals' own plans to sacrifice Public safety by ABOLISHING short sentences for scumbags.

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Fury as Ken Clarke wants fewer criminals jailed

Ken Clarke: 'Don't send as many criminals to prison' | Mail Online

What absolute treason! When Cameron said he was a Tory Liberal (a contradiction in terms for any true blue national guardian), I thought it was just more spin!

I always did think bringing back Clarke was a bad omen. Yes he has vast political experience, but then so did disease-ridden paedophile Byron in the world of poetry!


Brummell & Byron: The Two heartthrobs of the Regency Era
-- For reasons of 'cost-cutting' --

Please note, I'm not defending Ken Clarke so I don't want 500 irrelevant links - but if there's not the money to build new prisons, what do you propose any Govt do?

Just asking.
I love it. Not enough money to send people to jail and people were going crzy with people being released a couple of weeks early.

Myself I am in favour of as few people in jail as possible. Plenty of community service instead possibly with no criminal record for the first time or two if the offences are minor.

I really believe a new look at how we deal with criminality which is not violent is needed with the hope of re-integrating people back into society proper so that they can get on and have a productive life rather than learning the trade and continuing as a criminal.

Like I said, violent crime is different, though even there in some instances therapeutic care and proper community pay back might be better served but if someone is really a danger to the community they should definitely be locked up, there is no way out of that.
Screaming traitor over the idea of lighter sentences? These guys are doing what they promised to do in the campaign, lower the budget deficit and this is one way to do that. Also, they're recommending lighter sentences for those with short-term prison sentences so its not like they're releasing the really hardened criminals, basically this is the two-bit criminals and crooks being sentenced to prison alternatives. Something like 60% of prisoners with sentences of less than 12 months will end up back in prison in 12 months. Obviously something is wrong with that system and prison alternatives might not only be cheaper, but could better prepare convicts for a return to society and thus lower recidivism rates. I hardly see how this counts as "treason."
Kenneth Clarke, Queen's Counsel, Chancellors of the Duchy of Lancaster, The Bow Group, Privy Council, Bilderberg, (Bilderberg meetings - 1993,1998,1999,2003,2004,2006,2007,2008), QC, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer 1993-1997, UK Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 2008-current, Conservative Europe Group – President, European Movement UK – Vice President, British American Tobacco (BAT) – Deputy Chair / Director 1998–2007 (for which Clarke faced allegations relating to activities of BAT in lobbying the developing world to reject stronger health warnings on cigarette packets and evidence that that corporation had been involved in smuggling and targeting children with advertisements), Alliance Unichem – Deputy Chair, Unichem – Non Executive Chairman, Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust – Director, Centaurus Capital – Advisory Board (Hedge Fund Management), Independent News and Media (UK) – Non Exec Director, Cambridge Union Society – President|

Edit - Independent News and Media is The Independent newspaper in the UK and all gubbings surrounding that, so he's got a handle on the publics mind / information intake.
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....These guys are doing what they promised to do in the campaign.

They also promised to create 5,000 new prison places, places urgently needed as government advisors galore forecast a 'credit cruch crimewave':

Credit crunch could lead to crime wave, Home Office warns Downing Street - Telegraph
Credit crunch crimewave: Burglaries up, knife attacks up and a row over fiddled figures | Mail Online
Smith targets 'credit crunch crime wave'

Tories warn of 'credit crunch crime wave' - Politics, News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk - Yep, even the two-faced TORIES are in the know! Yet promises are backpedalled on.

Everybody knows that certain budgets MUST be ringfenced. Amongst those are police and prison budgets. There's plenty of government waste which can be slashed to free up money, regardless of the state of the rest of the economy.

Police force spending over £1 million a year on interpreters due to rise in migrant workers | Mail Online
A LIFER OF LUXURY | Sunday Mirror Newspaper | Find Articles at BNET

Con fishing! Criminals go down the river with rods in Straw's 'tough' new alternative to prison | Mail Online
Inmate boasts of 'luxury' life in prison - Telegraph

£250,000 bill for return of 'torture' prisoner as luxury jet flies him from Guantanamo to Britain | Mail Online

Exclusive: Convicts riot in luxury Addiewell Prison eight weeks after it opens - The Daily Record - You see, we're dealing with verminous criminal scum, NOT sociology subjects!!!!

(http://www.debatepolitics.com/europ...octors-sacked-useless.html?highlight=nhs+lazy - NHS too...)

As the population grows, the number of criminals will too. And Labour already created a huge deficit of prison cells by refusing to build more for ten years, the first government since Victorian times not to build more jails. And the Left whinged about cramped consitions in some of those too....


http://news.stv.tv/scotland/166986-figures-reveal-massive-reoffending-rate-among-knife-criminals/ - Jesus!

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/u...-sentences-dont-stop-reoffending-1995020.html - Hear that?! An ex-boss in the PRISON SERVICE agrees....


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-349918/Number-reoffenders-soars-early-release.html - Labour traitors!


The figures showed that the longer offenders spent in custody, the less likely they were to re-offend.

There will always be recidivist criminals who belong nowhere other than behind those bars. Street thugs, burglars, rapists and all the others who make everyone else's life a bloody misery. Violent or not, such people are a menace. If they have no respect for people in the outside world, there's little incentive to respect them, no matter how much rehab' we expect them to sit through. And progressively shorter sentences have only reduced the deterrent effect, but now Lefties use that situation to advocate abolishing jail terms for many crimes altogether!

The Community Service idea is a good one though, but not in its present form:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1191211/Probation-offenders-commit-1500-crimes-year.html - So much for that! I'd rather have the less damaging '60% prisoners' one, for at least the swines are put away for a while before they're let loose again!

There's nothing wrong with lower-scale criminals being made to get a pickaxe in hand and do a hard day's work, with most of the money paying for their board at the prison. Scooping up today's gang filth or cutpurses and having them perform hard labour digging drains or laying roads six days a week will do them the world of good.

Many benefit from academic studies to improve their minds, whilst others need more physical rehab. And if they choose to go back to crime instead, the other Tory promise of extra coppers should put paid to that... unless the party lied there too.

Never you mind bloody fishing, long term toil for the good of the communities they ruin will give them something to do, a sense of worth and pride in their work. And even if they don't learn any lessons, they'll be more lovely cheap labour for contractors to use again when they push over another old lady and leave her for dead....
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VAST savings can be made by halting further immigration and reducing the 'foreign aid' budget by over 75%.

Drawbacks of extreme open-door immigration cancel out the benefits: Lords' report exposes Labour's lies on the 'benefits' of mass immigration| News | This is London

We already have a huge enough immigrant-expanded population as it is, plus rampant unemployment. Let's have some common sense and get the people we already have working rather than keep the madness going.

Influx of immigrants 'costs every UK household £350 a year' | Mail Online
£13 Billion per Year: What Immigration Costs the ... - Analysis

13th Spitfire: What we could have bought for the foreign "aid" money
LiveLeak.com - UK: £8 Billion Foreign Aid Budget Untouched, But £350 Million Cut off British Youth Training
£2 Billion More Spent on Foreign Aid than on England’s Universities - NNN Reporters Newsroom Forum

The money which 'poverty stricken' India swindles from our gullible Government (even though it can magically afford space and nuclear programmes) can be lavished on police, prisons, laws and extra judges. Crime on the streets can be halved almost overnight as these new institutions and legal eagles could work overtime to send down crooks and keep them down.


Britain first!!
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-- Everybody knows that certain budgets MUST be ringfenced. Amongst those are police and prison budgets --

I think you'll find many of us asked that nothing be ringfenced - that doesn't mean cuts to prison budgets but possibly re-examining whether current practice and policy was giving the best value to the taxpayer in terms of effectiveness.

-- There will always be recidivist criminals who belong nowhere other than behind those bars. Street thugs, burglars, rapists and all the others who make everyone else's life a bloody misery. Violent or not, such people are a menace

Some crimes should be punished fully, nobody was arguing that recidivists should be let out. We're talking about treating first time and minor offenders here, I certainly don't believe rapists or others who commit serious crimes should have sentences which fall into any kind of "community service" bracket. I totally agree with Alexa and Civil1z@tion in that lesser crimes should be punished with community service and even mandatory retraining (I mean real retraining and community projects where offenders repay a real debt to society)

--The Community Service idea is a good one though, but not in its present form:

There, I'll agree with you.
And I agree with you on the value for money bit. Money alone can't fix a problem, which is why the boasts of any government (not just Labour) to be splurging more than ever before on something can be meaningless. But that doesn't mean certain vital budgets shouldn't be guaranteed. As I say, they find bloated foreign aid bills important enough.....

And as for first time offenders, it can depend on what those offences are. Half-inching from WH Smith can be dealt with by fines or forced litter picking whilst people punished for anti social nuisance or 'petty' vindictive violence would need a whole lot more. As a victim of those myself, I'd jail and work 'em hard - both for the security of neighbours as well as the dumb girlfriends attracted to them and who suffer under them.


Louts and the need to stop 'em young: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/68960-quick-question-anti-bullying-week.html#post1058641114

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BBC News - Cleared Bristol man in cannabis warning over stabbings

http://www.hackneygazette.co.uk/con...=newshkyg&itemid=WeED08 Jun 2010 16:09:18:483


The politicians can all sleep better in their beds, as once again the system they set up 'works'! They have no plans to stop this kind of thing by doing their jobs properly anyway.

However, there are still some big problems for the vaginal swabs to feel like solving:

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