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  • Hi Mo,

    Thanks for the note. I'm checking in here once a day to see if anyone responds to my note, but otherwise I'm spending the time I would spend here at US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum, it's nowhere near as censorious as DP, and good fun. There are a few other DPers there too such as Catz, Liblady, DiAnna, XFactor and a lot of nice locals. You should drop in.

    Could you tell me where BDBoop is? I'd like to drop her a line. I like her a lot.

    Many thanks and hope to bump into you again here or there.

    I just had a quick look at the man on wiki and he seems like an honest journalist. Thanks for putting me onto him :)

    What he says about building seven (I think it was) does hold some merit if we're being honest. It was a controlled demolition and they take months to set up. I don't have much of an opinion on it but I can understand where all the questions come from - especially as they have never been properly addressed.

    I like John Pilger. Other writers I like include, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Norman Finkelstein, Benny Morris and other similar writers. Anyone willing to expose and challenge the official version of events properly.

    Hope all is well wherever you are.
    Hi Alexa, I'm happy to become your friend. TBH, I thought we already were! I hope you're well and habing a great Sunday.

    Best regards,

    May I be so bold as to congratulate you for your recent post, I can see why Paris is and Inferno was your friend.
    Thanks for your contribution on the illegal Iraq war in the Europe section;)
    Hi Alexa. :)

    (A little bit surprised finding you here; I did not think that you and Adrian can live without each other ;) )
    Hi Alexa, why dont you join the British Usergroup? Would be good to see you there!
    I just think it is wonderful to have such a great debate and have it be peaceful and focused. Hugs. I hope your day is a great one.
    It seems like those days are far behind me. i would not risk it with my health as it is these days. I am so glad we have had a chance to chat here. This has been such a treat for me being here. I am getting to know some of the members that i had not really shared with and that is a delight.
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