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While wooing evangelicals, GOP hopefuls should remember 'lying is a sin!' (1 Viewer)

Several of the second- and third-tier GOP presidential candidates met with about 1,000 smiling Iowa evangelical Christians on Oct. 22 and then immediately proceeded to violate the commandment about "bearing false witness."

Perhaps the worst offender? Newt Gingrich. Twice divorced (sin+sin), serial adulterer (serial sins), married a third time (sin) to a woman who he was having an affair with (sin) while married to wife #2 (sin).

If it is true that "lies make the baby Jesus cry," the divine infant was keeping all the neighbors awake as Newt served up lie after lie to the smiling, nodding, evangelical Christians at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Banquet where the menu offered rubber chicken, tater salad, green beans and lies for dessert.

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